Third Party Events

We are grateful to the many different businesses, organizations, and individuals who organize events in support of our programs every year!

Fundraisers and donation drives are a great way to get your team and community engaged, while benefiting our critical programs for thousands of local children and youth.

Thank you for the support that allows us to keep local youth healthy, growing and learning!

Contact Us

If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser or donation drive to the Club, please contact our senior team.

Tomlinson Show & Shine Kingston

Tomlinson’s Show and Shine Kingston event experienced a successful turnout on September 9th, 2023. Many people came to showcase their coolest cars, imports, trucks, motorcycles, and more. We are extremely thankful to R.W. Tomlinson for organizing this event to raise funds for BGC South East youth programs! 🚘 ❤️