Academic Boost Camp


ABC Camp! A focused education camp that will give your child(ren) a head start in the fall and review concepts learned throughout the past school year! 

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What is it?

- A one week intensive, structured, and play-based program to reset and boost children's academic knowledge.
- Children will receive focused literacy and math instruction everyday through engaging and hands-on methods.
- Daily education-focused sessions will be complemented by varied physical, arts, science, and technology programs - from sports to coding to science experiments!

Certified and Professional Instruction you can trust

- Designed and implemented by the Reg Shadbolt Learning Centre
- This camp will be delivered by qualified professionals, including Ontario Certified Teachers, who have extensive experience in the classroom, as well as in camp and recreation settings and environments.
- Programs and activities will be in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum, and appropriate to the age and grade of your child.
- Instruction will be guided by scientifically proven methods, and use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and learning.

For who?

Offered for children entering Grades 1-6 in September 2021

Outcomes you can count on:

- Improved understanding and retention of school curriculum
- All around development - children will gain literacy and numeracy skills, increase physical activity levels, and develop positive social and emotional skills (confidence, sense of belonging, self-awareness)
- Camp will encourage child creativity and awaken learning interest through child-led exploratory daily sessions
- COVID-19 safe in-person interaction
- Parents/guardians will receive a daily summary on classes, lessons covered, and a progress note of your child(ren) at completion of the camp.

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Note - Families are welcome to register for multiple weeks however the programs and activities are repetitive.

For more information please contact the Site Manager listed for the location of your choice 

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