Being a member of BGC South East is a transformative experience for young people. Children build healthy, supportive relationships with caring adult role models, which in turn positively influence the life path they choose. BGC South East offers a variety of programs: sports, literacy, STEM, arts, nutrition, and more! Children and youth build diverse developmental skills in safe spaces, encouraging and driving young people to grow healthy and engaged.

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EarlyON programs

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer FREE, drop-in programs for children up to 6 years old and their parents/caregivers.

Parties & Events

Are you looking for a fun, clean, and engaging destination for your party or event? Click here to learn MORE!

Community Café

Welcome to the Community Café, located at the heart of the BGC West End Community Centre on 1300 Bath Road in Kingston! Our Café is open to the public and offers delicious prepared food while making a positive impact in the community. 



BGC South East is now offering aquatics programs at our West End Community Centre!


Fundraisers & Sponsorships

Every year, we host different special events to celebrate our work and staff, gather community engagement, and raise funds for our programs. We invite local businesses to join us as sponsors for these impactful events.